Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni
Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni Pinot Noir - Syrah - Pisoni

Gary Franscioni
Gary's roots in the Santa Lucia Highlands are quite deep. His family has farmed here for over 100 years. After graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in agribusiness, Franscioni took over management of the family farm business, which owned and managed more than 200 acres of row crops in the Salinas Valley. Recognizing the region's potential for premium wine grapes, Franscioni turned his focus to viticulture. He and long time friend Gary Pisoni partnered on the Garys' Vineyard in 1997. In 1996 Gary planted the 50-acre Rosella's Vineyard - named for his wife - on their estate property just a few miles north of the Garys' Vineyard. Both vineyards are among the most celebrated and coveted in California.

Gary Pisoni
Gary Pisoni exudes passion-for adventure, for family and friends, for grape growing, for wine. He has managed to combine all of these by pouring his enthusiasm and energy into the Garys' and Pisoni Vineyards. For over twenty years, he has grown grapes with uncompromised practices in the Santa Lucia Highlands. While producing fruit for premium California vintners, he gained prestige for his Pinot Noir grapes and brought recognition to this Monterey County AVA (American Viticultural Association). Gary introduced Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir in 1998 followed by a sister label, Lucia, featuring fruit from the Garys' Vineyard. All of Gary's efforts reflect a signature style-and anyone who has met him will admit that his winegrowing and wines reflect his captivating, impressionable personality. and

The Garys' Vineyard - The Next Generation
The vineyard's namesakes have no plans to retire anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they haven't given any thought to the future of Garys' Vineyard. Gary Pisoni's sons Mark 26 and Jeff 24 are already involved in the family business, while Gary Franscioni's boys Adam 17 and Nick 14 have their eyes set on following in dad's footsteps once they've completed their education. Given the inherited passion of the next generation, meticulously managed vines bearing fruit of exquisite complexity and concentration will be the hallmark of Garys' Vineyard for many years to come.